Veran Pardeahtan


Raised in the Chirichua Mountains (Southeastern Arizona) Veran’s Apache heritage has significantly influenced his values and his artwork.  After five years in the Canadian Armed Forces (Special Service Force) he pursued formal artistic training and received a bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education (1993) and Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art (1996) from Concordia University in Montreal.  While at Concordia, Veran was chief of the Assembly of First Nations – Concordia and received numerous awards for his art and academic achievement. 


Veran’s professional artistic activities have spanned two decades and include sculpture, painting and pottery.  His work has been displayed in over 40 local, national and international exhibitions and is included in numerous private collections.  Significant in Veran’s art is his use of the four colours of the four peoples of the earth and his desire to encourage harmony and dialogue between them. 


Veran has taught art in community centres, high school and University settings.  He has lectured extensively on Learning Disabilities and is a strong advocate for the needs of learning disabled students and adults across Canada.  He presently resides in Alberta.


The artwork of Veran Pardeahtan is represented by Rowles & Company Ltd., Alberta’s Corporate Gift and Art Gallery, in Edmonton & Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


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