Corporate Gifting and Service Awards

In today's business environment, reward and recognition programs have become very important. Increasingly, the belief exists that success and satisfaction depends on the acknowledgment of one's work performance, whether you are an employee, a supplier or a strategic partner.

Rowles & Company Ltd. has developed an unique approach using the creative talents of over 100 Canadian artists to commemorate special events, honor performances, celebrate distinctive contribution and communicate appreciation. The Gallery welcomes the opportunity to assist and involve you in creating a program to maximize your organization's recognition requirements.

Rowles & Company Ltd. offers a wide range of original artworks in a wide variety of mediums and the opportunity to create custom artworks that recognize the important symbols of your organization.

Gift Certificates available for all occasions upon request

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Soapstone Box - City of Edmonton (Available in other sizes)Inukshuk - 6in Tall @$125, 8in Tall @$250Bison
MuskoxWoodland Alberta OWLFish, Trout
Pears,Gold,Small,Medium.Large from $40-$150Flame, Assorted sizes & colors $75-$350Prairie Vessel - Petoglyph Elk & Elders Image
Story Stones   From  $125 - $350   Sizes 5Weight, Color with 24KGold or Sterling SilverWeight, World
Bowl RetrobrightPlatter, Retrobright, available in 12 x 12in for $225;  Coasters Set of 4 @ $65,Bowl Maple Leaf
Plate Sushi, Maple LeafCoasters Maple Leaf  Set of 4  @ $70Glass Tea Lights  - $20.00 each
Inukshuk, Sprit of the NorthMountainscape, Three Sisters  Also Available 10inW x 6inT @$210Mountainscape
Mountainscape - 15in x 19in @$395, 17in x15in  $650Plate Sushi, InukshukGrain Elevators,Tuxford Saskatchewan
Grain Elevator, Carbon AB.InukshukEdmonton Skyline
Alberta Rose, Double Beaded FramedTalking Stick, Traditional ( Can be framed)Feather Fan, Ceremonial
10 Ft Diameter  Dream Catcher  Sawridge Hotel - Fort McMurrayBasket, Birchbark , Hand PaintedDream Catcher, Traditional Variious Sizes
Dancing Bear, Various sizes 5in Tall $250 - 8inTall $750Sculpture,Dancing Souls, MediumSculpture, Friends
Kaleidoscope on Pedestal, FireKaleidoscope, Desk StlyeBear, Head Up, Silver Cast Sculpture
Cowboy BootGolferTree - Spruce, Northern Lights,6in $95, 7in@$125, 7.5in@$135,  8in@165
Oil Drops, 6in@$100,6.5in@$110, 7in@$125, 7.5in@$150, 8in@$165, 8.5in@$180River Rock Bowl Inukshuk Black Granite base with Inscription 2.5in - 6in $25 - $75
Bison, Restless  SoldTalking Bowl, Blue    Medium 7-8in Aurora Borealis Sculpture
Spirit Bear,Ex Lg, $35,Lg $22, Med $19,Mini $15Northern Lights Bears Ex Large $325, Med $175,Small $95,Mini $55 Framed Clock - Snow Mountain
Maple Leaf Soapstone Box - Various Sizes available from $25 - $100Feather - The Four TribesInukshuk
Maple LeafGrain ElevatorOil Drop Small in 7.5inT-$160, 9inT - $350, 12inT-$550
Friendship BallsSoapstone Boxes - Various sizes & Images $15 - $100Dancer Spirit Animals Series
Vase, Trans Ban Vortex VaseChristmas WreatheTotem Stories on Metal Base
Prairie Elevator- Framed in Seamless Black Linen Liner ,Black FrameBison  - Add $45 for Black Granite BaseWestern Cowboys
Crystal Grey Pearl Necklace $125,Bracelet $45, Earrings $50Familywith 3kids- $300, Good Company $300, Carpe Diem -$200INUKSHUK - 12in $500, 10in $395, 7in $195, 5in $50
Bear   6in x14in $800,5inx9in $500, 2.5inx6in $200River Rock Cascade MINIMugs / Set of 4 / Lauren Harris
Mugs / Set of 4 / RenoirMugs / Set of 4 / Tom TompsonMugs / Set of 4 / Van Gogh
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