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I was born and raised in northern Alberta and graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science. My professional job involves computer technologies so working with glass allows me to be creative in a non-technical manner. My appreciation for glass began with stained glass (cold glass) and became a passion when I was introduced to fused glass (warm glass). The glass fusing process allows me to combine colours to create pattern pieces, textures, and shapes.

2007 Bullseye Glass, Portland, Oregon, Intro to Kilncast Glass & Coldworking - Ted Sawyer, Erik Whittemore
2007 Bullseye Glass, Portland, Oregon, Pâte de Verre, Methods to Form By - Alicia Lomne
2005 Red Deer College, Glass Series "Kiln Casting"
2005 Intensive 5-day course with Brock Craig, Vancouver
2004 Red Deer College, Glass Series "Set Your Kiln on Fire"
2003 ART Glass Studio, Introduction to Fused Glass
2002 ART Glass Studio, Lead Came Stained Glass Intermediate Course
2001 ART Glass Studio, Stained Glass Introduction
1985 Bachelor of Science, University of Alberta


I was born and raised in Alberton, Prince Edward Island. Upon completion of university in 1971, I came west and settled in Edmonton. For many years I have been intrigued by the colour and form of art glass, and discovered the joy of working with glass. I am particularly drawn to creating works with bold colours, strong geometric lines and mosaic patterns.

2003 ART Glass Studio, Introduction to Fused Glass
2002 ART Glass Studio, Lead Came Stained Glass Intermediate Course
2001 ART Glass Studio, Stained Glass Introduction

B.A., B.Ed., M. Ed., Personnel Administration Diploma and many graduate courses in Special Education and Psychology

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Fusing is the process of joining two or more pieces of glass through melting. "Full fusing" typically occurs at 1500°F and the glass generally melts completely. "Tack fusing" (texture fusing) is carried out at a lower temperature, around 1400°F, and the glass is partially fused i.e. the pieces don't fully melt together and, consequently, retain their texture. "Slumping" is the technique of imparting three-dimensional shape to the glass using a mold, generally at 1300°F. "Coldworking" involves grinding, shaping and polishing the glass to create particular effects or finishes.

The art glass we use is created at Bullseye Glass in Portland Oregon, using proprietary chemical formulas to impart the various colours, and hand-rolled into large sheets. This hand-made aspect of the manufacturing process can result in the formation of small bubbles in the final sheets. Fusing two or more pieces of art glass together can also result in the inclusion of small bubbles, which is part of the charm, uniqueness and distinctive qualities of a hand-made piece of glass art.

The creation of a piece of fused art glass requires sheets of glass first be cut into the desired shape(s). The pieces are then assembled and placed in a kiln. The kiln heats at a controlled rate until the required result (smooth or textured) is achieved. This is followed by a rapid cooling to 960°F where the glass is annealed for at least 45 minutes; this step is necessary to remove stress from the glass. The kiln is then cooled at a slow rate to room temperature. At this point the glass can be removed from the kiln. Depending on the artist's intent for the piece, additional fusing cycles may be required.

The artwork of Prairie Isle Glassworks is represented by Rowles & Company Ltd., Alberta's Corporate Gift & Art Gallery in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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