Slavo Cech - Metal Urges
Steel Sculpture

Slavo Cech was born in 1964 in what Soviet occupied Czechoslovakia was.  His parents worked in the crystal glass industry. His father designed the equipment for the factory and his mother was a creative director of patterns. His family escaped the country in 1968 and settled in Edmonton, Alberta.

Slavo Cech has been a working Metal Artisan and Blacksmith for 25 years.  His work is represented in numerous corporate and private collections.  He graduated in Marketing from NAIT (Northern Institute of Technology) in 1984 and upon completion, started his own business designing and manufacturing commercial Christmas decorations.  His passion for art and design drew him back to the University of Alberta to study painting and sculpture. His work spans the design spectrum.  From grand, ornately hand-forged staircases and balustrades indoor and outdoor gates and wine cellars - to one of a kind sculptures.

“My inspiration comes from a variety of sources, from grand cathedrals to rusted farm machinery. My parents were involved in the crystal design and fabrication industry, providing an early exposure to hand-crafted beauty. I studied art history and painting; I’ve traveled extensively collecting art and artifacts, with a particular interest in primitive and religious art, icons and relics. I have explored wood carving, mixed media sculpture, jewelry making, and painting before experimenting with wrought iron. I have been a working artisan blacksmith and metal artist now for over 20 years. I started quite humbly, making candlestick holders, garden benches, curtain rods, and trellises. I was approached by several Western Canadian galleries to show some of my small sculptural works. Interest grew over the years, presenting greater challenges to make railings, gates, bed frames and dining room furniture.  Large commercial projects followed: decor and lighting for restaurants; patio enclosures; store and salon interiors; railings, cash cages, and poker room gates for casinos. Throughout the years the works have ranged in size. To this day I still get excited about the process of creating, be it a grand railing or a piece of jewelry.

Slavo was first commissioned in 1992 to create a sculptural time capsule to coincide with the opening of the new City Hall in Edmonton. Since that time, he has had one commission after another often referred from client to client.  In 2015, Slavo completed a life-sized sculpture entitled Dance at Solstice for the lobby of the Double Tree by Hilton in Edmonton. In the same year, he also created the 12 Feet Woven Wall steel sculpture at the entrance of the Windemere Park and a sculpture for the Westbrook School yard revitalization. In Nov 2015, Slavo was awarded the Commission to create the memorial sculpture to honour Glen Sather.

Some examples of Slavo’s design work include: the former Iron Horse eatery, ABS casinos, The Hardware Grill, Lux Steak House, Jack's Grill and the interior of the former Sidetrack Café. Slavo has completed many original custom Iron and steel projects in many of the prominent residences in Alberta and assisted in the restoration of the balconies of the historic LeMarchand Mansion and some of the older buildings in Edmonton.

Slavo Cech is represented in Edmonton through Rowles & Company Ltd. Alberta’s Corporate Gift and Art Gallery.

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