Bruce Allen

Bruce Allen moved to Alberta in 1976 from Malton, Ontario with a desire to work as a professional architect. Bruce has had the opportunity to work with several professional architecture firms as well as with the Public Works and most currently with Municipal Affairs, Alberta since 1981. His projects include the design and drawings for the renovations and additions to the Jubilee, (Edmonton, Alberta) and the Brooks Wild Life Center, (Brooks, Alberta) as well as the Guinness Building (Calgary, Alberta). Bruce Allen has also been responsible for developing the fire and building codes and standards for commercial and residential properties. These experiences exposed Bruce to the wide variety of neighbourhoods throughout the city and influenced his desire to document their unique characteristics and tell the story in painting.

Bruce Allen started painting in the early sixties as a hobby and over the last three decades he has developed the Urban Landscape style that he has become known for. His painting became serious in the early 1990’s and he added professional painter to his career.

As an architect, Bruce has been deeply involved with the urban experience and community plays a big part in all his paintings. His early paintings were greatly influenced by the older established neighborhoods. He demonstrates great skill in his unique interpretation of a particular composition, as well as his play of light and dark. In 2009, Bruce completed a series of paintings of his own neighbourhood in St Albert.

The artwork of Bruce Allen is represented by Rowles & Company Ltd, Alberta’s Corporate Gift & Art Gallery, in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


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